★ Autumn ★ (paleinsuspense) wrote,
★ Autumn ★

I can't believe I forgot to write about this.

So last Thursday, the following sign was taped to the wall in my lab.

When Scotty the Frat Boy saw it, he said "Sweet. We're getting blueberries!"

I immediately ran down to the break room, where the lab girls were waiting, and said "Great news! Scott thinks the watermelon on that sign is a blueberry."

Poor kid. When he walked into the break room, the girls were all waving slices of watermelon at him and saying things like "Hey Scott, want a blueberry?"

Scott grumbled something and went outside, presumably to think up a retort. After several minutes, he came sauntering in the back door, grabbed a slice of watermelon, and said "Oh Yeah? So how come they're not in a green bowl?"
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