★ Autumn ★ (paleinsuspense) wrote,
★ Autumn ★

Apparently, I'm Elaine

Whatever that means.

Saturday morning, my mother and I went to Applebees and spent a $50 bill on lunch. That's just how we roll.

Saturday evening, there was supposed to be a cookout at The Green, but Jayson, Eric, and I were the only guests to show up. So then, except for Jayson and the lobsters, it was no different than any other evening at The Green.

Well, there were also fireworks. Rockets, Roman candles, and mysterious tubes were piled in a corner of their kitchen. Since the boys didn't have a permit, they needed a stealthy place to set them off - somewhere visible, but difficult for the police to pinpoint. We finally settled on the near-inaccessible beach at Governor's Lake.

Suddenly, Everyone's Favorite Libertarian remembered he had things to do and scampered off home. Mmmm-hmmm.

After he left, we discovered that we wouldn't need a permit. According to the internet, it's not illegal to set off most types of fireworks in New Hampshire. Even so, we decided to save the rockets for a bigger party, and just set off some Roman candles.

Bill and Justin also played a game of Roman candle tennis. Yes, Roman Candle Tennis. I have not the words; just look for the clip on YouTube.
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