★ Autumn ★ (paleinsuspense) wrote,
★ Autumn ★

Type I Parties

Jayson's Christmas/Solstice party is tonight. I predict it will sound something like this:
Blink 182: Say it ain't so, I will not go...

Jake: And then, I kid you not, he just punches me in the stomach.

Jayson: Damn hippies.

Bill: Listen. This is important. No, listen. You can't vote to have sex with a rabbit.

Autumn: I think you can. But why would you want to?

Jayson: (wildly waving an unlit cigarette) I can't believe you guys. You're all a bunch of FUCKING TOTALITARIANS.

Chip: Hey, I brought the papers from my small business loan. Who wants to read them?

Lincoln: I brought the schematics for my stereo.

Jayson: Let me just explain something. It's really simple. Reality. Is infinite.

Lincoln: But battery storage isn't.

Justin: Heh. Why did the Jew cross the road?

Autumn: Let me guess. Was it something to do with the Gini coefficient?
And so on.
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