★ Autumn ★ (paleinsuspense) wrote,
★ Autumn ★

Another of my old lovers has resurfaced. Yesterday he appeared on instant messenger to tell me that we need to have a "serious talk". I expected to hear the usual lies - he's sorry, he's changed, we can still have fun - but no. He wants to have a serious talk about why I should vote for Ron Paul.

Oh well. I might have voted for Ron Paul if he hadn't suggested it. Don't underestimate the power of the spite vote.

In other news, Team Ramrod finally won a game tonight! We defeated the fifth-place Douche Boozebags in overtime. There was one man left on each side, and our man Dan was having an episode of tachycardia. He kept falling to his knees and asking for a medical substitute. The referees ignored him, and kept the game going until he threw the other guy out. It was brutal.

Later at the Page, I celebrated by drinking a Cement Mixer. That's shot of lime juice and a shot of Baileys, swished around in the mouth as it curdles. The texture is revolting, but the aftertaste is like key lime pie. It was the first shot I'd ever tried, and Bill recorded the whole ceremony on video.

Actually, I found that cement mixer video disturbing to watch. Looking at my own moon face and spindle-fingers, I saw one of the last people I would ever want to sleep with. I'm not sure what that means, but it was a sobering thought. Even for someone with a belly full of Irish cream.
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